Clubs & Activities

Learning is a journey of exploration, which only begins in the classroom. Student Life at Bergen County Christian Academy is filled with opportunities for students to pursue their interests and grow as part of a dynamic school community. BCCA offers a variety of activities to enrich the growth of our students. We believe that the Word of God integrated into all areas of disciplines – spiritual, academic, athletic, and social – is the Lord’s calling on our school.

Middle school students are given opportunities to explore their interests through elective and exploratory classes. In high school, student-organized clubs provide a chance for all students to immerse themselves in an area they love with those that share the same passion. Special events and trips provide unique experiences for our students to deepen their connections with each other and explore their faith. Whether it is beautifying our community through artistic landscaping or sharing testimonies during Spiritual Emphasis week, BCCA students are consistently given opportunities to be challenged to grow as individuals and to give back to each other and their community.

While the clubs and activities may vary from year-to-year, here is a brief description of the various ministries, events, organizations, and clubs your child has available to them as a student of Bergen County Christian Academy.

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